FROBO cares for the miracle dog who took a bullet for his owner

FROBO cares for the miracle dog who took a bullet for his owner
April 16, 2012 Comments Off on FROBO cares for the miracle dog who took a bullet for his owner

Justin Becker experienced two miracles in a month: the first was when his heroic pit bull Kilo survived a bullet in the head when the dog defended him against a gun wielding thug during an attempted home invasion.

The second came a few days later, when the owner of a Staten Island company selling stay-cool water bowls for dogs paid Kilo’s $2,200 vet bill, and gave Becker a job with the firm.

And April is only half over.

It all started on Saturday, April 4, when a man dressed in a FedEx uniform rang the bell to Becker’s Staten island apartment and tried to force his way in. That’s when Becker saw the gun.

“I pushed him back out of the door as hard as I could.  He fell down in the doorway and Kilo immediately went after him,” Becker said.

The criminal escaped, but not before a shot rang out and Becker realized Kilo had been hit. He rushed the dog to the South Shore Animal Hospital, where vets discovered the bullet miraculously missed doing any permanent damage. Kilo was going to be OK.

Even so, Becker was hit with a $2,200 vet bill that was rough going for the cash-strapped man.

Another Staten Island resident and dog lover, Andrew Lanter, was nearby, selling the FroBo, his own invention of a stay-cool pet water dish when he heard about Becker and Kilo’s heroic rescue.

Lanter donated a few water bowls to Kilo, and after talking to his partners, they decided to foot the bill for Kilo’s vet care. Kilo has since become the FroBo ‘spokesdog’ for their Coolest Pet contest.

The story doesn’t end here. Becker was in need of a job, and Lanter offered him a position as FroBo’s Staten Island sale rep.

“I thought, this couldn’t be more perfect – this guy is clearly passionate about dogs, he’s newly passionate about our pet bowl, he has an incredible dog who is now our spokesdog, he needs a job, and I need a Staten Island sales rep”, Lanter said in a statement.

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