FroBo Cooling Pet Bowl

Revolutionary FroBo cooling pet bowl keeps water cold and fresh without batteries or electricity

It’s well known that humans prefer refreshing cold water over warm, stagnant water that’s been sitting out all day. But what do our pets prefer? The answer seems obvious. If our pets could choose, they’d choose cool, refreshing water over warm, stale water any day. Luckily FroBo cooling pet bowl is here!

How it all began

Charlie and his FroBo

Charlie and his FroBo

It all began during the Super Bowl when Charlie, a seven year old rescue dog Chow/Retriever mix, was looking at his owner hopefully as he kept going back to the freezer to fill his mug with ice.  Eyeing Charlie’s water bowl and realizing how stale and gross his water had gotten, not only was his owner ashamed and upset with himself for not staying on top of changing out his water in a routine fashion, he thought, ‘most of the time Charlie is drinking room-temperature water that probably tastes stagnant… and may even be teeming with bacteria… gross!’

After speaking with a few veterinarians, they agreed that cold, fresh water was not only more refreshing, but healthier.  And so began the mission to create “FroBo”, a bowl that would keep Charlie’s water cold, fresh, and healthy all day long.

FroBo has simplified his life and has kept Charlie very happy and healthy for years. His dog bowl no longer looks like a mid-day science experiment full of bacteria.  And he can’t wait to get back to it throughout the day.  It was a win-win for both dog and owner.

Why FroBo?

As humans, we take a refreshing glass of fresh cold water for granted. In summertime, as temperatures rise, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are real dangers — and keeping pets cool and hydrated is vital. And in winter, even when it’s cold outside, the heat might be cranked up inside, making it important for your pet to stay well-hydrated and his water to stay fresh and drinkable.

What is FroBo and how does it work?

The FroBo cooling pet bowl, a cold water pet bowl for dogs and cats, comes with a non-skid base and a removable bowl insert filled with a non-toxic gel. The removable frozen bowl insert goes into the freezer, and after as little as two hours the gel will change colors, indicating that it’s ready to use. Simply place the core into the base and fill with cold water, and the frozen core will keep the water cold for up to eight hours.

The “FroBo” (“Frozen Bowl”) is a revolutionary new pet bowl that keeps your pet’s water chilled. With its non-electric and easy-to-use freeze core, the FroBo is simple to use and provides loving pet owners with a hassle and worry-free way to keep pets happily hydrated.

Get the FroBo frozen pet bowl for your favorite dog or cat.

Every Pet Deserves a Cold One!